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Media Gallery


Miscellaneous - Palestinian Conflict


Miscellaneous Images

A militiaman throwing a grenade with a sling in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) - Hondero

Bedouin man scaring away predators, source unkown

Tibetan slinger. Article on Tibet (Nat. Geog. 1950) - Hondero

Ayla from the Clan of The Cave Bear Series by Jean Auel, Painter Geoff Taylor
Bolivian peasants holds slings and sticks on the main road near Huarina, some 70 Kilometers from La Paz, July 13, 2001. Peasants of the Andean region are maintaining a blockade of the main highway between La Paz and the border with Peru for 24 days now, demanding President Banzer's government abolish agrarian reform and other law. David Mercado/Reuters/CORBIS

Equipment from Larry Bray's Guinness World Record. 1982 - 1434 feet
Press coverage of David Engvall's World Record Attempt - David Engvall

David Engvall's Guinness World Record. September 13, 1992 - 1565 feet 4 inches



Miscellaneous - Palestinian Conflict


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