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Making a Simple String Sling - Malik Lund

This is a very simple (and cheap:) string, that my former high-school teacher taught me to make. I don't know who “invented” it, but in his honor I call it the Appu-sling. All it requires is a little rope, about 1.5m (5 feet). I would recommend using a rope that's about 5 mm thick (0.2 inches).

To start off, make the first arch (like the one on the picture) in the middle of the rope. The longer you make the arch, the longer the pouch will be. There is no need to be 100% accurate.

You make the second arch with the right side of the first arch.

Now comes the tricky part: Take the rope from the second arch and let it go above and around the first arch and all the way through the second arch.

You take the same rope, all the way through the first arch. It has to “cross” itself (look at the picture). Take the second arch and the rope next to it, and hold tight (the three ropes at the bottom), while you pull the rope you just lead through the first arch. It should make a nice little knot.

Now turn everything around, and do the same on the other side.

And now the pouch should look something like this:

Now you just take one of the ends and make a small circle for your finger to hold on to. You can also make a small knot on the other end, if you like, but I prefer not to.

The finished result. (This is actually my very first sling in the picture!) I'm from Greenland, and don't speak english as my first language, but I hope you found it understandable and useful.

- Malik Lund

© 2007